Resume and Cover Letters

By HRNasty

1.  Avoid Resume Objective Statements

2. Effective template for cover letters

I do throw out a lot of cover letters without reading them.  Usually because I take one look at the cover letter and quickly figure out before reading it whether I want to read it or not.  Usually I don’t.  This post provides a template for an EASY TO READ, ATTENTION GETTING cover letter.

3. What I as a recruiter think about as I read your resume

Why the lay out matters

  • Easiest to read and look at will generally get the first call
  • Numbers quantify actions
  • In this post, I start the clock and narrate the 15 seconds of what I am thinking as I look through a resume.  What works, what doesn’t work, and how to keep me the recruiter engaged on your document enough so that I not only read what matters, but pick up the phone to call you.