Job Interview Failures, the biggest culprit will surprise you
  • Geoffrey Anderson

    Wow, you nail this one. When I interview, I make sure to pop a breath mint to freshen the breath. Turn off (not just silent mode, but shut it DOWN) my cellphone (or lock it in the rental car) and work to sell myself.

    Sitting on the other side of the table has shown me many of these flaws, but the one that is insta-death is the cell phone. I fear when teenagers of this era enter the workforce, they will probably expect to interview and do their job via SMS

    (oh, on Chrome on my Win7 laptop, this template has a light grey background with white text that is nearly impossible to see…)

    • HRNasty

      Geoffrey, thanks for the heads up on the background, I switched the settings so hopefully this helps.  I applaud your discipline.  Leaving the phone in the car is the safest bet!  

  • Bob Firestone

    Really great article — and some funny moments, too. I’ve heard stories of people *texting* during interviews! A lot of people are addicted to their phone and have a knee-jerk reaction to touching it and looking at it, even if they are not even looking for anything. I think it’s important to totally ignore your phone for the entire meeting and give the interviewer 100% attention.

    • hrnasty

      Thanks for stopping by and really appreciate your comments. You are absolutely right. Texting during an interview or even while walking to the interview room with an escort is the fast track to a quick death. Leave the phone in the car or turn it off. Great advice! Thanks again for the input. Very much appreciated.

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